Red Die Number Nine
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Along with being associated with Edgar Allan Poe's mysterious death and a championship baseball team, Baltimore can claim as its own a hard driving post punk power house of a band called Red Die Number Nine. The band is locally touted as "The Mighty Potentates of Rock & Roll." Red Die Number Nine was started in 1986 by Joe Poodle and Bill while both were attending Towson State University in the northern Baltimore suburbs. Stumpy-Joe, the Bass Master General, joined the band in October of 1987. Soon the band introduced original material into their sets and with the addition of their power house drummer, Mark the Motor Addy, the new material came to life. Principle lyricist and super kinetic front man Joe Poodle admits that, although Bill and Stumpy-Joe make most of the major musical contributions, the band is a friendly democracy allowing all members to contribute.

The name Red Die Number Nine originated as an accident. Joe and Bill heard an announcement by the United States Surgeon General, revealing that red dye, commonly found in food, was causing cancer in laboratory rats. They decided that was the name for their band. The name stuck, and after a spelling alteration, the Red Die concept crystallized. Red Die Number Nine successfully combines the raw energy and aggression of hardcore with the rhythm and power of hard rock while avoiding the grim sound of many early eighties hardcore bands. They play their own style which the refer to as "Happycore". The music of Red Die Number Nine is loud, fast and fun. The solid, energetic riffs and dramatic arrangements push their "everyman" lyrics to the cutting edge. The band has released three cassettes and a four song seven inch.

The official name is Red Die Number Nine which should not to be confused with Red Dye # 9. If you're in a hurry you can get away with RD9 or maybe even RD#9. But you should take the time to spell it out... and said loudly with conviction... from Baltimore Maryland we are RED DIE NUMBER NINE!